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Hazardous Frog is fortunate enough to be a successful company providing a livelihood to our employees and making a profit. As a socially aware company we like to give a portion of those profits to those less fortunate than us and to those providing benefits and services to youngesters living locally.


We are also keen to sponsor others who get involved to raise money for good causes and have supported several friends and colleagues as they have given their time to raise money. Listed below are a few of the things we have been involved with.



Donation of 6 Compaq NC6400 laptop compters to Portishead Air Cadets

April 16th 2012


Every year the Portishead Air Cadet Squadron host a dinner and prize giving to acknowledge the achievements of the cadets and staff. This is a fantastic black tie event that shows these young cadets (13-20 years) a side of life that most of them would not otherwise experience.


As a parent of a cadet I have had the honour to attend for the past two years. This year the committee chariman told us that the squadron was becomming a victim of its own sucess. With so many new recruits over the past year the bulding they were in had become far too small. Whilst there are plans to have their building replaced that will take several years. In the mean time they need to make the best possible use of the space available to them. To this end they announced their intention to replace the desktop computers with laptops which can be stowed away when not in use freeing up space that is currently occupied at all times.


The cadets use these computers to undergo flight, advancement and other training as well as completing online examinations in flight skills and for promotions. They are a vital part of today"s cadet training,


I decieded that Hazardous Frog, as a regular charity donor would source several laptops and donate them to the local squadron. It took some time, but we eventually sourced some ex-government contract laptops that fitted the bill. With magnesium alloy shells, fast processors, decent sotrage and RAM, some Compaq NC6400"s seemed perfect! Hazardous Frog purchased six and pursuaded the supplier to throw in six cases and mice to sweeten the deal.


They were handed over to the Commanding Officer, Flight Lieutenant Martin Neate on 16th April 2012 by myself, Ian Bale




Dirty Water


Monthly donations to Water aid


Hazardous Frog has given a donation to Water Aid every month for the past few years. Water Aid helps to provide what we feel is a fundamental need for many people around the world: fresh drinking water. Can you imagine if the only water available for you and your children was dirty and contaminated? Even backpacking in the wild and travelling abroad I"ve always had access to water treatment filters so have never been in a position to have to drink potentially unsafe water.


Water Aid make good use of our donations to supply safe water to more and more people aroudn the globe and we are proud to continue to donate to so they can continue to do their work.


Please visit the Water Aid Website and make a donation or get involved yourself.











Regular baloon race sponsorship for Shine


Hazardous Frog were contact by SHINE (formerly ASBAH) a few years ago asking if we would sponsor a balloon in their forthcoming baloon race. The proceeds of which would go to SHINE to support their ongoing work with people with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus. We of course agreed and have taken part in every baloon race that they have run since.



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