Ian Bale

Technical Director


Ian Bale



Ian is the CEO, Technical Director and original founder of Hazardous Frog. Ian graduated in 1990 with an honours degree in Computer Science having specialised in real-time computing and embedded control systems. This landed him his first job with British Aerospace writing software for Tornado jets!


Later Ian moved into the telecomms industry working for well known names such as Ericsson, Alcatel, Siemens, Lucent Technologies and Fujitsu. As with the work at British Aerospace, Ian took part in highly structured and organised development work where quality, testing and documentation were of the utmost importance.


In 1999 Ian made the move into Internet development work and started his own business: Celtic Internet ltd - which has been rebranded as Hazardous Frog. Initially, Ian did consultancy work, mostly on site, for a wide range of clients such as Arval PHH, Fujitsu, Learn Direct, Institute of Physics Publishing, Sunline Solutions, Eli Lilly, ACE Insurance, KLM, Moneycorp and Sun Microsystems, to name but a few.


In recent years Ian has grown Hazardous Frog into a software engineering company that is now flourishing.



Jatin Nanda

Senior Software Engineer


Jatin Nanda   


Jatin has worked with Ian since the days when they were both contract consultants moving from client to client. Whilst not involved with the initial creation of the company, Jatin has been a vital part of turning the contract comany into the software engineering company that it is today.


Jatin grew up in Tanzania and graduated with a Computer Science degree. SInce then he has worked as contractor for many high-profile clients including Autotrader, The Econimist, Tag Worldwide and many others.


Jatin is now a senior software engineer and is taking up the role of New Business Manager taking the lead with new clients and potential leads.




David Bale

Legal & Financial Director


David takes care of the company's legal and financial needs. David writes all our contracts and reviews client contracts for us.  



David Bale








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