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Moneycorp was our second customer. It was as a result of adapting the CMS we had written for Sun Microsystems that we turned a single bespoke CMS into an adaptable systems that we could use for a wide range of customers: Gearbox CMS. As a major player in the world currency market, we knew this website would be a major test of the ability of our CMS to handle large numbers of visitors. Thanks to the tight design and implementation of the core systems, our Gearbox CMS now handles well in excess of 200,000 visitors per day.

Moneycorp homepage

As well as the usual static content pages that formed the bulk of the website, Moneycorp needed a range of custom modules to display dynamic content. The first of these you can see right there on the homepage:


Currency Converter

This dynamic Gear is built in Flex, and communicates with a conversion program on the server to give customers, up-to-the-minute accurate currency conversions. A custom Gear in their Gearbox admin allows them to set various preferences. The latest currencies are automatically retrieved from an external feed.

Moneycopt current converter



Moneycorp"s exhibitions page is another Flex application which is embedded into their site using a custom Gear. Again, this interacts with a server based program to allow customers to browse through the exhibitions that Moneycorp will be attending, register to receive free tickets or send detail to a friend. A custom Gear in their Gearbox CMS admin allows them to update the exhibition list easily.

Moneycorp exhibitions


Daily brief archive

Moneycorp send out daily currency briefings via email. A custom Gear automatically saves these briefs into the Gearbox CMS database for retrieval by yet another custom Gear which allows website visitors to access that archive and quickly retrieve any past brief for their favourite currency.

Moneycorp Daily Brief


Moneycorp Markets

In 2007, Moneycorp launched a new service, and decided to present this with a brand new website. While they could have installed a duplicate Gearbox CMS systems and adapted it to the requirements of the new system, we felt there should be no need for them to have multiple admin systems to manage the two websites. A few updates later and Gearbox CMS now supports multiple websites within a single instance. Furthermore, despite each website having its own custom templates, style sheets, media and custom Gears, the two website share an entirely common code base, so keeping them in sync as we release updates is no issue at all!

Moneycorp Markets

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