Raileasy : Rail Ticketing Application

Raileasy originally asked us to take over from the developers who began building their rail ticketing website since they were unable to complete the work. What was described to us as "about 6 weeks work" turned into nine months! But eventually we got the whole lot working and live.


However, what we had finished for them was better described as a prototype than a maintainable web application. Raileasy quickly decided they wanted to do more than just run their one website on top of the system which handled the rail tickets. We worked with Raileasy to produced a detailed specification for an MVC structured system. A core API which handled all the logic of managing the sale of rail tickets. Then, built on top of that were a number of user interfaces which only encompassed the visual display to the user and the logic to manage that display (not the logic to handle the tickets themselves).


The API was then made available to Raileasy's affiliates to give them the option of building their own applications rather then only having a white label of the Raileasy site which was previously the case. Thales have integrated the rail with their live departure data feed and other travel options to produce an excellent mobile application. Agant have adapted their National Rail application to feed into Raileasy so that owners of the app can now book tickets rather than just view timetables. Travel Fusion have integrated rail and air travel into a single search, and many more affiliates are working on other applications. Indeed, we ourselves will soon be launching our own travel portal powered in part by the Raileasy API that we have built!


Since the initial launch of the API, Raileasy have added support for Eurostar and have the only website where you can book a combined trip from any UK station through to any of the Eurostar destinations. They will soon be adding hotels and package deals to both UK and Eurostar travel.

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