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Hazardous Frog is a web application development company. We specialise in building the technical parts that make your business work on the Internet. Much of the work we do is bespoke for each client and as such, we are happy to quote for development of anything Internet related. We are based in Portishead, near Bristol and service clients all over the UK as well as abroad.

Our Services

Hazardous Frog are experts in the development of complex web bases applications. Anyone can build web pages. Most companies can build web applications. Few companies think beyond your obvious requirement and build what you need, not necessarily what you ask for. Only a handful can do with for the most complex applications. Hazardous Frog has has been a leading part of that handful since its creation back in 1999.

Here are a few of the more common things we are involved in:

Digital pen & paper

Digital Pen & Paper converts handwriting on paper forms into digital information in real-time and sends it back to your organisation within seconds.

Digital Pen & Paper is all about efficiency, and keeping control of costs.


Gearbox CMS

Gearbox is Hazardous Frog"s own Content Management System (CMS). Utilising ColdFusion and the built in Derby database engine it could not be simpler to begin using.

Gearbox CMS is customisable and is capable of running multiple websites and themes.


Mobile Apps

Hazardous Frog specialises in both mobile optimised websites and mobile applications.
Using Gearbox CMS we can easily manage a single website with a separate theme to display your content is a way optimised for your mobile users.


QR Codes & NFC

QR Codes are now popping up everywhere! NFC (Near Field Communications) is also beginning to become popular. Both can assist in driving customers to you.

Use QR and NFC to provide instant and easy access to your web based content to mobile users everywhere.


Application Development

Hazardous Frog is a bespoke development company specialising in complex web based applications. In other words, websites that "do something", rather than simple brochureware web sites.

We do not believe in "one size fits all" so, rather than only selling off the shelf solutions, we find much of our work is bespoke for each client. Although we extensively reuse components that we have developed in order to keep costs as low as possible for our clients. We are happy to quote for development of anything Internet related and are always open to discuss possible options with no obligation.

These are some of the main areas in which we receive bespoke develpment commissions:


Hazardous Frog are skilled in development with a wide range of server-side scripting languages such as ColdFusion, PHP and Ruby.

We have experience of interacting with most populare databases including SQL Server, mySQL, Oracle and Derby.

Whatever system you may already have, Hazardous Frog can work with it.


User Interfaces

We have built many user interfaces over the years for a wide range of both public facing and internal management web applications.

We use Flash / Flex, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, jQuery, jQuery tools etc. to provide cost effective, engaging user interfaces for both desktop and mobile applications.



Need to share your application logic with others? Want to allow affiliates to power their own web sites using your system? Then you need an API!

Much like chess, you can learn how to do it very quickly, but to do it well takes a lot of practice. Hazardous Frog have built several on top of complex applications which have been acclaimed by our client"s users.



It"s all very well having a web based application, but if it"s not mananaged effectively then your business will not operate to it"s potential.

In order to manage your web applications efficiently you will need accurate, understandable reports. Hazardous Frog has a great deal of experience with extracting and presenting information from complex applications.


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