Case Studies

In this section you'll find a few case studies involving some of our past clients and the work we have done for them. As you'll see, we've made good use of Gearbox, our Content Management System, customising it for each client's needs.


In the case of Raileasy you'll learn about a huge bespoke ecommerce project and a system for transferring large amount of sensitive print data in a secure and recorded manner for Sunline Solutions.

Nature & KInd

Nature & Kind. A user of a heavily customised early incarnation of Gearbox CMS.



Moneycorp are also a Gearbox CMS user with many custom gears.


Sun Microsystems

Where Gearbox CMS all started! Gearbox started life as a CMS for internal (staff only) web applications.



Our project for Raileasy was literally huge! It took around two years to plan, build and deploy their API, several UIs and mobile applications.


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