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Hazardous Frog is a web application development company with a difference...

Most web development companies specialise in the "pretty bits". Their developers have a design or HTML/JavaScript  background and may have moved into doing "some data driven code" on the server side to allow a website to "do something" instead of just looking pretty.

Hazardous Frog, on the other hand, are comprised entierly of Computer Science graduates. Every member of staff is experienced and skilled in software engineering. We have staff who've written software for military jets, mobile phone networks, digital transmission systems, bespoke e-commerce applications. We've even built web based applications for Sun Microsystems (now Oracle) the people who designed and built Java who ought to have been able to build anything themselves!

We specialise in building the technical parts that make your online business "work". We've picked up a fair amount of work taking over complex developments initially given to other development companies after the client discovers they are out of their depth and need someone like us to pick up the pieces and salvage their project. If you havea complex project and are not COMPLETELY CONVINCED that your current development have the skiils to implement it quickly and efficiently then you need to speak to us for a realistic quote.

But we're not all about building. We provide support and maintenance for applications and can even do so for applications we havenot built - as we currently do for one of our clients. A large company that manage well known websites for a very large number of estate agents. They have a large and complex CMS system originally written by another company and now maintained and enhanced by ourselves.

A few samples

Hazardous Frog is a web application development company. We specialise in building the technical parts that make your business work on the Internet. Much of the work we do is bespoke for each client and as such, we are happy to quote for development of anything Internet related.

Here are a few of the more common things we are involved in:

Digital Pen & Paper

Digital Pen & Paper converts handwriting on paper forms into digital information in real-time and sends it back to your organisation within seconds.

If your company uses paper forms then you need to take a look at this. If you use any form of mobile device for capturing data then you should also look. Digital Pen & Paper is almost certainly easier to use and may well be more cost effective.


Gearbox CMS

Gearbox is Hazardous Frog’s own Content Management System (CMS). Utilising ColdFusion and the built in Derby database engine it could not be simpler to begin using.
Gearbox will be available free of charge soon. If you'd like to take part in our beta testing, then please signup below for our newletter and we'll let you know when it's ready.


Maps & Travel Guides

Hazardous Frog have built a number of mobile application for iPhone and Android including a map based event guide for the Cholmondeley Pageant of Power.
A new application is under development for a leading archaeological organisation which will be used to promote archeology sites to the public in an exciting an new way.



QR Codes are now popping up everywhere! NFC (Near Field Communications) is also beginning to become popular. Both can assist in driving customers to you.

Use QR and NFC to provide instant and easy access to your web based content to mobile users everywhere. Let Hazardous Frog manage your codes and mobile content!


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