Gearbox Content Management System

Gearbox Content Management System (CMS)

Gearbox is perhaps the simplest to use, customise and expand of any CMS system available. Where some CMS products use a "one size fits all" solution, Gearbox CMS consists of a small, highly efficient core around which we add any number of bespoke Gears (as well as many common Gears) to customise it to individual customers" needs. The result is a CMS tailored to your requirements - but with none of the usual superfluous features that you may never use and which regularly confuse users.

Currently Gearbox CMS is only available as a complete solution. We supply Gearbox, complete with customised Gears, page layouts and designs. In other words, we deliver it to you ready to use from day one. If required, we will populate the site from whatever source of content you wish to provide.

In an exciting development, however, we will provide an "off the shelf" solution in the near future. This will consist of the core Gearbox CMS plus the most commonly used Gears. You can then produce your own page templates and designs to populate your site. Custom Gears can be developed by you (suitable documentation to allow you to do this will be included) or you will be able to purchase pre-built custom Gears from this website. We will also produce new Gears for you by commission.


Gears are the components from which Gearbox builds your website. Some are general purpose such as:

  • Site maps
  • Various automatic navigation systems
  • Email forms
  • Javascript
  • Flash containers
  • HTML

Other are more specialised:

  • Organisation charts
  • Flight search forms
  • LDAP integrated login
  • External database access

As well as using Gearbox for this website, we already have a number of satisfied customers. Check out our case studies to find out how we customised Gearbox to suit the very specific needs of a few of our customers.

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