Mobile Applications

As with our desktop web based applications, Hazardous Frog prides itself on being able to build complex aplications optimised specifically for mobile. Sometime these can be native apps, other times they can be mobile optimised websites - such as the mobile train ticket booking app we built for raileasy:


Gearbox, our CMS system can be setup to display a single web site in a whole range of styles. Whilst this has many uses, the most used one is to display a standard website with all the same content in a totally different way optimised for mobile devices. You still have only one site to manage and can pretty much "forget" mobile knowin it'll take care of itself (mostly...some things still need a manual touch to make them perfect for mobile!)


Our preferred approach to web based application development is to build the core logic as an API. A core application which does all the logic, but displays nothing. Exposing an interface of functions they allow an external application to be built that uses its logic to do the work. This allows you to build multiple apps or user interfaces, all looking very different but all uisng a single core app for the buld of the work. One app, a desktop UI and a mobile UI. A fraction of the cost of building two...

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