QR Codes, Tag Codes and NFC

Everyone has seen QR codes now. Those funny little aquares of dots that seem to be stuck on posters, vans, and just about everything these days. These allw you to embed a URL or a small amount of information in a picture that can be scanned and decoded by a wide ranger of mobile devices.


Mercedes have just announced that they will fit two QR codes to every new vehicle which will allow emergency services to instantly access information about the best way to cut a passenger trapped after a collision. Where high voltage lines are on electric cars etc. A two second scan and a quick download and they have the full schematics for the car in their hands. Lives will be saved, no doubt about it.


Maybe accessing your data won't save lives but that doesn't mean it won't be beneficial to your customer and hence to you! Service guides accessible within seconds by scanning a code stuck to the back of your widget. How about a code on your printer that brings up an order form for more ink?


Microsoft Tag takes things a little further. Although already prevalent in USA, Tag has yet to catch on as well in Europe, but there are already plenty of users and apps for mobiles to scan them are readily available, free of charge, for all platforms. Rather than embed data in the code (which cannot then be changed once published) Tag simply embeds an ID to access data online. Sp you can manage that data online and change it whenever you want without having to republish all your code stickers! It'll track scan automatically and give you usage stats. It'll even tell you the location where the scan took place, so you can tell if that expensive poster in the shopping centre is performing well enough to justify the costs!


NFC. These have been in the news recently. Unfortunately due to teething problems with bank cards... But that's just one application that has an issue, not the technology itself. Instead of scanning a bar code, you just wave your mobile near an NFC spot and your data get sent wirelessly to the device.


If you're thinking of using one of these technologies then we can help you implement whatever you need, particularly providing mobile optimised content to deliver once the code is scanned.

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