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We commonly say that "we do not build websites". We do, of course, but when we do, the website is usually a by-product of what we are really building or just there to support a web based application.


Much like an ice berg, with sites like Raileasy's, what you see is only a very small fraction of what is going on. Beneath the surface is a very large and complex web based applicaton which plans rail journeys, finds valid fares and availablity,  does postcode and address lookup and validation, allows yo to book those fares, interfacing with credit card suppliers, credit card blacklisting services, national rail reservations, and a whole bunch of other rail related services in order to book you a ticket. But even that's not the end of the story. Your journey details have to be stored in a database and made avauilable to support staff as well as exported for accounting purposes. We have to generate emails with full journey itinerary, terms & conditions for fares, embedded adverts and tracking code. The list goes on and on!

So what we prefer to say is "We make websites that do things". Need an online brochure? We're not really your best bet. Need an online application that simply has to be robust, fast and easy to use? You need to speak to us!

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